about me

what you probably want to know about me : i am very lucky to be the mother of 2 cool kids. my son is almost 5 and my daughter just turned 2!

i  have been married to a pretty great guy for almost 8 years, which means I have also been married to the military for 8 years now.   Living the great military life (I say that with some sarcasm!), has brought us a wonderful opportunity to live in Okinawa Japan!  We will be here for the next couple of years!  i am in love with this island… there is so much to see and to do, and there are so many wonderful places to just      ……    BE !

i love waking up early on Saturday mornings to go searching for  yard sales, i adore all kinds of  consignment and thrift stores, and rummaging through junk yards makes my heart pound like a kid in a candy store!   i don’t get to do a whole lot of that on this island, so i have started combing the local beaches for pirate treasures! i am simply in awe at the incredible “stuff” that washes ashore!  from amazing driftwood, to stunning sea glass, to beautiful antique Japanese glass fishing floats, i always find something worth keeping!

What you NEED to know about me:  i am, 100%, simply, and completely addicted to coffee. and not just any ‘ol cup of joe….dunkin’ donuts iced coffee to be exact!  i am known to be a little OCD at times, i have a small obsession for organization, and i have lost too many hours of my life on pinterest.com !  Because of pinterest i could probably use an intervention for all the glass pasta sauce jars and empty toilet paper rolls i have hoarded.

i am very new to the blogging world, but i hope to build and further my brand on the world wide web!


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