Happy Dances and Pirate Treasures

I have to admit that this amazingly beautiful journey I’m on because of Unique Pl8z has been one helluva roller coaster ride!    I’ve been happy, sad, {stressed to the max}, overwhelmed, humbled, thankful, excited, and blessed.  I’ll never forget the absolute excitement I felt when I made my first sale on Etsy!  My very un-coordinated self broke into a Happy Dance like you’ve never seen, and that caused my kids to break out into an uncontrollable laughter and a happy dance all their own.

Now I have to admit, although I am {{beyond extremely}} thankful for each and every sale, I do not break into happy dances with each sale anymore.  Much to my kids dismay{{!!}}

One thing that does get me wigglin’ and jigglin … (oh, and I do mean jigglin’)… is that moment that the kids and I find a beautiful piece of sea glass or amazing sea shell while strolling the beaches on this gorgeous island!  We are so fortunate to be able to collect such awesome treasures, and we seriously have collected tons of it now.


While we don’t exactly have the room for all this sea glass in our house, we just can’t seem to stop searching for and collecting it either.  It’s a super fun hobby that allows us to imagine, explore, and create some pretty cool family memories………………….. {{wigglin’ and jigglin’ included}}

seaglass2 edit

That is how we came up with the idea of Team Sea Glass.  The kids are now selling pieces of their pirate treasures and our vast sea glass collection on Etsy!!!   All the sea glass you will see in their store  has been collected by us and is real, genuine, surf-tumbled sea glass from the beautiful beaches in Okinawa, Japan!  All the sea glass is crafters grade and will be a perfect addition to your beach decor or makes a wonderful supply for all your beach crafting needs!

sea glass collage label

We hope you take a look around their shop and maybe share it with a friend or two.  Buyers must be warned… each sale comes with lots and lots and lots of happy dances!!  Ben and Sarah collage


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